MATT SMUTKO (vocals)

Matthew Smutko is a New York based singer. Matt started out as a guitarist but has made a gradual conversion to lead vocals over the last 20 years. He has worked with Christian and secular projects in original and cover bands of both rock and contemporary music. Matt is a natural, autodidactic vocalist, guitarist and songwriter. He is known by those with whom he has worked for having an exceptional ear for tone and timbre, and nearly perfect pitch. He is an animated, passionate live performer. Having worked in various genres, Matt has developed an eclectic repertoire.



JOHN WANGLER (guitars, bass, keyboards, drum programming)

As a songwriter and guitarist for over 30 years, John Wangler has composed over 100 songs in various genres. From hard rocking instrumentals to soft ballads, John's writing is centered around a strong melodic core. As the guitarist and songwriter for the NYC based rock band, Archer, John played numerous venues in the city and had a write-up in Variety magazine as a "prime lead guitar player". His influences stem from a vast array of artists such as Journey, Deep Purple and even ABBA. Writing both music and lyrics, as well as performing and recording, he always seeks to create compositions which are from the heart, both powerful and "catchy".



WALTER ROBERTI (guitars, bass)

Walter Roberti is a guitarist with over thirty years of professional playing experience. Roberti first began playing in earnest by copying the Pop and R&B hits of his teen years. He began putting in his time on the N.Y.C. club circuit, while also gaining valuable experience through his roadwork with The Platters, Ben E. King, and The Drifters. Roberti then advanced to making inroads into the New York studios and sessions, working with various artists and producers. In addition, Roberti has enjoyed a close friendship with fellow musician John Wangler for a span of 30 years. Together, they each recorded and collaborated on one another's projects and are thrilled to have completed this lastest endeavor.



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