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Our latest CD, INCENDIARY, is available now on iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon MP3 and other online music venues. Get your copy now and crank it up! Let's rock your friends!!!


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Encompassing not only hard driving rock but a unique mix of power-pop and contemporary songs, the new CD from CHANCE OF FIRE is a powerful collection of original classic and modern rock.
CHANCE OF FIRE's debut CD contains these great tracks...

I Said It
(You Must Be) Outta My Mind
Dangerous World
Facing Time
Bottom Of The Heap
Don't Feed The Fire
Nobody's Girl
When The Sceptor Meets The Sword (instrumental)


It's here!

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Continuing to rock the block, Chance of Fire's 2nd CD, TRICK CANDLE, is the perfect follow-up to their line-up of hard rock and tasty softer tunes.
CHANCE OF FIRE: Trick Candle contains these great tracks...

Just Fly Away
The Powers That Be
Trick Candle
Don't Take My Time
Crossing Over
Dark Days
Jump The Gun
Can't Take Myself
Don't Peel My Onion
Porcelain Belle (instrumental)


Crank it up!

at CdBaby.com


Chance of Fire's third and latest album release, "Incendiary" gets hotter than ever. All new tracks that need to be blasted out loud.
CHANCE OF FIRE: Incendiary contains these great tracks...

High Flyer
The Fall
Bye-Bye, Lullaby
I'll Never Come This Way Again
Time To Go
I'm Done
If I Had The Love
A Chance of Fire
Shoot For The Stars (instrumental)


Other Music Available By Members Of CHANCE OF FIRE

Matt Smutko - Eppy


The new EP by Matt Smutko...
Featuring three outstanding tracks including...

Fool's Gold

Stop Me

If I Would Have Met You

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